Our experts evaluate your request and arrange the best flight for your needs under optimal conditions.

High Quality

Cargo is handled, loaded / unloaded, stored, transported, and delivered to its consignee with the same top-level care the customer shows to his shipment.

24/7 Service

Our Commercial Department moves quickly to expedite the entire process, from charter request to the delivery of the cargo. We propose the solution adapted to your needs 24/7.


High safety measures are implemented throughout the process, from the delivery of cargo to our terminal, to its transportation via our aircraft, from storage to delivery to the consignee.

Radioactive goods and dangerous goods

Starting from car spares, oil equipment to live animals, RAF-AVIA has the necessary licences to carry radioactive goods and dangerous goods in accordance with International, EU and National legislation.

Our key learning is very straightforward

We strive for high standards and approachability to be there for our clients when they need us, where they need us, and with the aircraft that suits their needs the best.


ATR 72

ATR 72 freighter is medium-range aircraft. It fits the most for medium size shipments up to 7.5 tonnes. It is equipped with two Pratt & Whitney engines, rated at 2,400 SHP

Max loads (tons) 7.5
Cargo door size (WxH cm)

Forward 129 x 159

Rear 78 x 179

Cargo hold (LxWxH cm) 1795 x 226 x 175
Useable volume (cubic m) 75.5
Runway requirement (m) 1200
Max payload range (km) 1800
Max range with load up to 5t. km 3500
Crusing speed (km/h) 513
Fuel burn (litres/h) 700

SAAB 340 Cargo

Saab340 in its cargo configuration serves best for small and medium size shipments up to 3.7 tones. Its technical characteristics make it one of the most versatile and reliable aircraft of today. It is able to carry cargos between large hubs and remote airports. So our clients can rest assured – shipments will be delivered regardless of what is their destination.

Max loads (tons) 3.7
Door size (WxH cm) 135 x 130
Cargo hold (LxWxH cm) 1110 x 160 x 175
Useable volume (cubic m) 35.8
Runway requirement (m) 1400
Max payload range (km) 875
Max range with load up to 2.2t. km 2200
Crusing speed (km/h) 450
Fuel burn (litres/h) 540