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  • Line and Base maintenance capability – Saab340, AN26, ATR 42/72;
  • NDT inspections (eddy-current, ultrasonic inspection, magnetic particle testing, penetrant testing)
  • Aircraft weighing
  • Battery Services Ni-Cad
  • Sheet Metal Structural Repairs
  • Corrosion Treatment
  • Electrical and Avionic Modifications
  • Engine compressor wash
  • Component maintenance
  • Composite repair


  • Development, revision and control of a maintenance program.
  • AD/SB assessment and control
  • Tracking of operating times
  • Life Limited parts tracking
  • Planning and co-ordination of all scheduled maintenance activities in accordance with the approved maintenance program
  • Management of modification and repairs
  • Airworthiness reviews
  • Subcontracted Engineering tasks (for commercial operators)
  • Pre-purchase inspections


  • Our stock contains more than 1500 different consumables and rotables , avionics etc.
  • Thanks to well-organized stock and forwarding support, our staff can deliver spares
    worldwide within 72Hrs.
  • Flexible terms and conditions, reasonable prices.
  • Parts tracing and NIS support.
  • Please visit our website https://aircraftpartstore.com to see more.


Our aircraft and crew are at the forefront of what we do, namely, making sure that the shipments of our clients are delivered in due course. However, our aircraft Maintenance Base and Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization are at the core of everything that goes on behind the scenes. It ensures that our aircraft are timely and properly checked, and, if necessary, repaired enabling us to be where and when our clients need us most.

Having our own fully certified Maintenance Base allows greater flexibility when operating our own fleet and enables us to help other operators with checks and repairs of their aircraft.

Our staff is highly skilled and fully certified in Saab340 , AN26 and ATR 42/72 inspections, repair and maintenance. We perform aircraft maintenance services ranging from Line to Base maintenance activities. We also can ensure Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) and Maintenance Management, Airworthiness review and spare parts support.


International airport “Riga”
LV-1053, Latvia
T: (+371) 67 668 318
E-mail: maintenance@rafavia.aero


  Maintenance Program Approval

  Part-145 AS RAF-AVIA


  Ukraine Maintenance Approval

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