Festive season is always a joy to all of us. We all are trying to finish our remaining tasks and getting ready for the New Year. And what may make this time even better is a challenge to service two aircraft in parallel to meet the strict deadlines.

Over the Christmas and New Year period we have welcomed our beloved “India” for a base maintenance visit. Challenges of limited shipping options associated with holidays and Brexit have been overcome to deliver the aircraft back to operations right on-time.

And at the background… our next project is already at work


Final preparations for departure from another successful base maintenance of our beloved Antonov 26.

A 5 week maintenance visit featured major inspections including on-site arrival of Manufacturer representatives from Ukraine and teamwork shoulder to shoulder in accordance with approved program and respecting the epidemiological safety measures.

150 Man-hours of NDT, 850 Man-hours of B1.1/B2 labour, Propeller/Powerplant inspections, replacement of Landing Gear – all effort has been put into making this beautiful Lady safe and reliable for a continued opration in delivering much awaited Christmas presents.



RAF-AVIA celebrates its 30th Anniversary in October, 2020 which we believe is a remarkable milestone in today’s aviation industry.

We have come a long way from being the carrier for a single manufacturer and first non-governmental airline in the former Soviet Union to a well-established cargo airline operating all over Europe and beyond. We have lived through political and economic turmoil constantly adapting ourselves to ever changing market situation and striving to deliver the best possible service to our customers.

None of that would have been possible without our people. We take a great pride in resilience, openness and flexibility of our staff who have won trust of many long-time partners and recognition of the market.

Loyalty and experience are values that we appreciate most. One fourth of our 100 employees are here for more than 10 years and what makes us particularly proud are those 15 people who have worked for RAF-AVIA for more than 20 years. Some of them since the very inception of the airline.

The 30th Anniversary has coincided with a time of transformation at our company. The new owners have laid out a comprehensive plan of RAF-AVIA’s development. It includes not only improvements in existing services and implementation of new ones but goes as far as introduction of new type of aircraft and working in market segments that were not available to us before. From now on our approach will be not only to adapt to the constantly changing market situation but also to anticipate change and be ready when it happens.

With all that and much more in our arsenal we feel confident that our progress during the years to come will be faster and our success greater than in the past.



Today we are very happy to announce that our ATR 42/72 fleet now has been certified for LVO CAT II operations!
Since now it will allow us to operate in more difficult weather conditions and to avoid delays due to bad weather!



We have implemented ISO 9001 to ensure the highest quality and safety standards. Also ISO 27001 is on the way!
Please check out our quality policy here.



Since Company reshape process has been started in RAF-AVIA, various widely known magazines has showed its interest to provide their readers more information about small, but massively strong airline from Baltic States. Such as Inside Aviation Magazine has published an article with interview of CEO, Igors Bezsmertnijs, so to know what tools the airline could pertain to survive in pandemic and even find its growth.

Also new partnership with LEON Software let RAF-AVIA to spread its business vision and experiences through publication in social media, celebrating company’s 30 years anniversary!

Full article is available here.